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The Unique Process of Recruitment & Selection

The Unique Process of Recruitment & Selection

The Unique Process of Recruitment & Selection

HR processes and functions are complex and time consuming, but they deliver impeccable results for the growth of any given organization. Recruitment & selection of most suited candidates for vacant job positions in a company comes under the ambit of HR operations. HR executives, HR managers, Employment Specialists, Selection panel members and other people of expertise are involved in the laborious process of candidate selection & recruitment. Analyzing the vacant positions, Evaluating the job, Preparing a job description, setting up a selection panel, posting the job, screening the candidates, conducting interviews and other such detailed procedures constitute the unique process of recruitment and selection. The stages involved in the process of recruitment & selection are:

Analyze the Vacant Positions

Employment experts in the HR team study and analyze regarding vacant positions, related duties & responsibilities, evaluate the vacant positions with respect to salary and other perks, prepare a suitable job description and give related job specifications. They study whether the vacant position is a newly created job or a vacancy created by attrition.

Post the JD

The HR executives then post the job description across various job boards, job portals, print media, and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. They also do mass mailing by retrieving database of prospective job candidates from trusted sources. Advertisements can be given in job magazines, newspapers, pamphlets and other print media to reach more and more people.

Recruitment Strategy

A detailed outline for recruitment & selection process is masterminded by the HR team. Candidate search committee and candidate selection committee are constituted and members are selected from the HR Team and job related experts of the concerned company like managers, team leaders and others are also empanelled. All the technology related tests and skills tests are devised for the vacant position; job related interview questions, and communication assessment tests are formulated.

Sourcing of Candidates

Prospective candidate resumes are chosen from external or internal sources. Internal sources here mean promotions & transfers within the organization, former employees, previous applicants and employee referrals. External sources include candidates from direct recruitment, employment agencies, advertisements, campus recruitment, professional associations and word of mouth.

Screening the Candidates

Screening of the candidates or job seekers during recruitment & selection process is highly important. It is a task of sifting through the CVs using Application Tracking System (ATS) and selecting the right candidate by cross checking the applicant’s resume traits with the job description. There should be at least 90% match of the skills of the candidate with the skills stated in the job description. Job seekers with insufficient skills and high monetary expectations must be removed from the sourcing list. A telephonic interview has to be conducted to know regarding the technical skills, presence of mind, attitude, and communication skills of the job seeking candidates. These stringent screening processes will eliminate unqualified candidates and results in a more suitable & effective candidate list for the final interview.

Face to Face Interview

Face to face interview is the most critical stage in the recruitment and selection process. In this stage the HR executives will pose questions to the job seeking candidate regarding the required technical skills for the particular job. They will also test the job seeking candidate for communication skills, aptitude and will give tests regarding technical skills to evaluate the candidate. The HR will cross check regarding candidate’s previous duration of work, reason for leaving it, proofs for last drawn salary and references given by the candidate during the face to face interview. The selection committee will go through all the pros and cons of the job seeker and decide regarding the candidate’s final selection for the concerned vacant position.

Roll Out the Offer

Depending on the last drawn salary, experience, technical skills and suitability to current position, the HR team should roll out the best job offer in terms of compensation and benefits for the finally selected candidate. The HR team will continue the negotiations with the candidate until a fruitful consensus is reached. After a final agreement is reached between the company and the candidate, the final offer letter is rolled out inviting the candidate for final joining of the company. Then the induction and orientation procedures are followed, where the HR will make the new joiner familiar with the HR policies, rules, regulations, operational hours and other important aspects about the company.

Any HR team must follow the above given stages of recruitment and selection, if they want to select a perfect candidate with suitable skills to join their company within stipulated time frame and at minimal cost.

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