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ZeroZilla Outsourcing company in Bangalore now has become a necessity rather than an option, which allows companies to concentrate on their core sectors and be cost effective same time. Outsourcing professionals have a global presence so they can benefit their clients utilizing global resources for their benefits. They aim to improve day-to- day operations run smoothly and effectively. Latest outsourcing business benefits both sides successfully.

You are convinced that outsourcing to India can help your set rescue on take away from, ameliorate property, point of concentration on your centre craft, help in danger government and kind office from operational expertise. You are now close for the right outsourcing situation in India. The incorporated town of Bangalore is India’s hottest outsourcing doom. Bangalore has retained its site among the top eight global outsourcing destinations for the fourth following in a series year. Recent surveys have ranked Bangalore as India’s top incorporated town for investing.

Whether your set requires 24/7 patron sustain, intelligence technology services, bookkeeping, facts ingress, BPO, ITO, human wealth services or copying, you can discover a to the purpose vender in Bangalore.

Here at ZeroZilla, we have nailed the process effectively with ‘Recruitment Process Outsourcing‘ which aims to give the solution to clients when in need of a large number of employees on board in a shorter period of time.
Our diligent and fault proof processes ensure hassle free recruitment of large numbers through advertisements while ensuring that we maintain warmth in our contact with the candidates. Our innovative process bridges the gap between our clients and candidates seamlessly.

  • Partner in strategizing recruitment plans and stages
  • Designing perfect job descriptions
  • Provide dedicated personnel, telephone numbers and mail id
  • Design & release Advertisements
  • Receive applications
  • Scrutinize and screen applications
  • Maintain all records and database securely
  • Respond promptly
outsourcing company in bangalore

ZeroZilla has worked with companies majorly in IT, BPO and Non- IT outsourcing. Our team of experts are well aware of the various cultural backgrounds around the globe, makes us work seamlessly and serve the different time zones.
We provide tailor made solutions for a short term, long term project peak, end of projects, or specialized manpower as per the requirements of diversified clientele.


  • Manpower outsourcing
  • IT and Non IT outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

  • Analytics and applications development
  • Business process
  • Cloud
  • Consulting
  • Infra structure
  • Digital
  • Mobility
  • E-Commerce
  • Customer relationship management
  • Systems integration


  • AP invoice processing
  • Medical records
  • EOB processing
  • Payment processing
  • A/R management
  • Claims
  • Customer interaction management services
  • Medical lockbox
  • Mail processing